Wildcard racing is the home of Australia’s – No 1 Fastest Nitro Harley


Top Fuel Motorcycles are the fastest and most spectacular motorcycles on the planet. Reaching speeds of 290 kph in 4 seconds and in excess of 350kmph in a little over 6 seconds. Nitro Harley’s produce up to 900hp .The motor is a 2 cylinder V twin. The motor components are made from either billet aluminium or billet steel. The motor is naturally aspirated with a capacity of up to 200 cubic inch. What makes a nitro bike different to any other bike is the fuel the bike uses.


The fuel Nitromethane is a liquid explosive more energetic high explosive that TNT. Nitromethane requires very little oxygen to burn, because of this the motor can burn up to 8.7 times the amount of nitromethane than it can normal fuel. The bike can use up to 15 litres of nitro in a burnout and a 6 sec pass down the quarter mile. It is mandatory for riders to wear a bullet proof vest. The reason being if the bike miss fires and doesn’t ignite the fuel in a cylinder the next time the piston comes around to fire it has twice the amount of fuel and when it fires it explodes it can separate the head of the motor blowing it through the frame of the bike and land 50ft away.